The Tone Unknown. What is it? It could never be said. What we do know is that for seven glorious years, six line-ups, four studio recordings and hundreds of live shows, The Tone Unknown rocked Gainesvile Florida with its unique brand of high energy, fat grooved original music.

This web site has been built so that the music (and some of the history we can actually remember) won't be lost. As always its about the music. Most of the original recordings are on cassette tape, and therefore bound for the trash bin. By digitizing and posting the music on the web we hope that the tunes will be preserved for band and fans alike and maybe even reach a few new ears. You can download all of the songs the Tone recorded in high quality MP3 format and thereby burn your own CD's-- and also share them. Additionally, we there are a few live versions of the songs and tunes that were never recorded. We plan to digitize more, so stay tuned. If you have any decent quality live tapes please let us know.

What else: You'll also find a history of the band with the various line-ups, incomplete and inaccurate, but we tried. We've got some old and embarrassing photos here and finally, a liner notes of the albums we recorded, with the original art work and some extra info from the band. If you have any suggestions or requests of stuff that you would like to see or hear, please email us. Also, check out the Gainesville family tree and share a story about the band.